Clark Hall Iron Doors
Harry Schrader, Architect

"In executing these intricate steel and wrought iron doors so beautifully, Clark Hall has really complimented my vision for an estate home that is truly comprised of the finest building materials; from which our client is left to enjoy timeless architecture that ages gracefully and performs well for a lifetime"

Intricate Wood Door Replacement

One of our most intricate wrought-iron and steel door projects yet. Replicating detail mouldings, panels and shelves to match existing doors was the challenge.

Built in the style of an English manor this 12,000 square foot home located in Charlotte, North Carolina had intricate designed mahogany exterior doors. While this home was only seven years-old the mahogany doors became weathered and worn from lack of proper maintenance. Facing east the front entry and the carriage door receives full exposure creating a wood door maintenance nightmare.

To solve the problem Clark Hall Iron Doors replicated the doors in steel and wrought-iron. Each door is hand-made by steel-working craftsmen. The work is very detailed and requires hours of steel cutting, welding and grinding for each moulding and raised panel. The wrought-iron is hand forged by blacksmiths. The final step is our painting process that is completed with a hand faux finish that provides the warmth of wood and a smooth-to-the-touch finish.

The front entry presented an additional challenge with a waterfall transom. The door closes into the transom eliminating the top jamb for the door. Every detail of the door was replicated in steel.

The carriage door was replicated and replaced along with the porte cochere door.Now this home has intricate doors that will truly last a lifetime.


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