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Clark Hall Iron Doors combines singular artistry with exceptional engineering and craftsmanship to deliver custom-designed steel and wrought-iron doors. Headquartered in Charlotte North Carolina, with manufacturing by skilled artisans in Monterrey, Mexico, our refined custom doors are built for lasting beauty.

Our Story

Forty years ago we crafted entries almost exclusively of mahogany, walnut, and oak. But over the past 4 decades wood entries have become less durable with splitting, cracking, and premature aging for two reasons. First homes began being built without adequate cover over the front entry, causing front doors to get exposure to direct sunlight and rain. Second, the source of timber is coming from younger trees from forests being cultivated and harvested more quickly, resulting in less dense, and thus less-durable, wood products.      

In our quest to provide homeowners with beautiful and reliable front entries we turned to an engineer and artisans in Monterrey, Mexico. During our early years of working with steel and wrought iron we refined the engineering of the door creating reliable, maintenance-free standards that meet the most rigid building codes. Over the most recent decade we have introduced more contemporary and streamlined design approaches for working with steel and wrought iron.

Today at Clark Hall Iron Doors we enjoy partnering  with architects, dealers, designers, and builders to create one-of-a-kind entries that are as durable as they are beautiful.

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